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Published: 2019.
Printed by: Mindex Publishing Company Limited.
ISBN: 978-978-52935-4-8.

It is a Monograph on the everyday Greetings of the Benin people. This is a short treatise of the subject of the common, everyday greetings of the Benin people, and how Languages get enriched by borrowings from other Languages.

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This Write-up: “The Common Greetings of the Benin People”, is about the Greetings used most commonly and ordinarily by the Benin people. The Monograph is not about the many Family Greetings which usually begin with the phrase “La,” and are a unique characteristic of the Benin people. Such greetings are usually restricted, in their usage, to the Families or Clans who own them, and who use them as their Identification Passwords.
The Greetings dealt with here are the ordinary, common-or-garden, greetings which are owned communally by the people. This subject had earlier been given an airing, about three decades ago. The exposure was tucked in as a Chapter in another publication. There it got lost to public awareness. The present effort is an undertaking to retrieve the subject-matter from the obscurity it has since endured, and give it a separate shop-window of its own.

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